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Same Day Implants and Crowns 

Missing teeth can be embarrassing and affect our ability to chew.  Many of the existing tooth replacement options are cumbersome or unsatisfying.   Implant technology has come a long way over the past 30 years.  The traditional protocol is to extract the tooth and preserve the socket for a later placement of an implant in the site. That time frame ranges between 4-6 months. New technology allows us to extract a tooth, place the implant in the same site and in many cases places a crown on the same day.  This protocol eliminates the need for multiple procedures and can save time and money. Certain requirements are needed and must be met for the success of this procedure. You may discuss the same-day implant placement further with Dr Davidian to confirm that you are a candidate for such a procedure.




                                              Same Day Tooth Replacement | Colleyville | Dallas                        Same Day Tooth Replacement | Colleyville | Dallas              
                                               Fractured front tooth                           immediate replacement 

                              Aherne                                          Aherne

                                    Fractured front tooth                                                   Immediate replacement 

          Aherne                                                                    Aherne
                          Immediate Placement                                                                                                           4 month follow-up